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Strategic Plan

STRATEGIC PLAN 1999-2008    


To ensure the development of a cadre of administrators who will be committed to the principles and ideals of the Association.

  • To promote the development of good facilities for a new UK casino and the conduct of cricket matches and the administration of the discipline in accordance with its constitution; with due regard to National Development and good relationship with the Ministry of Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports and Culture and other relevant ministries.
  • To focus attention on the finances of the Association with the view to becoming as self-financing as practicable.
  • To establish a quality-coaching programme to support competitively organised cricket.
  • To encourage active involvement in cricket throughout the Cayman Islands by individuals, families, communities and Government.
  • To position Cayman Islands as an International venue for Test teams, off-season training of English county teams and others.
  • To provide our players with sound technical and interpersonal skills through coaching and other self-improvement programmes making them capable to compete in regional and international competitions at junior and senior level.
  • To encourage the development of clubs so that a sound foundation is put in place and maintained for the growth of the Association and the communities served by the clubs.
  • To contribute to the upgrading of the standard of officiating.
  • To contribute to the development of the Cayman Islands in such other areas as may be appropriate and consistent with a National Sporting Organisation.



The Association has a pool of resource personnel who are engaged in the process of management throughout the various units, which make up the organisation.

It follows that our administrators must increasingly utilize the techniques involved in the process of management, as we strive to professionalise the organization.

The major concern is the management and development of clubs. Without clubs, the Association cannot exist. This is an absolutely vital element in our future. A closer relationship must be developed to ensure continuity between the Association and clubs. Our various units must work closely with clubs on their responsibilities with an overriding concern for the unity and cohesion of Cayman Islands’ cricket.

The fast growth anticipated of the organization must be view critically as the strategic plan unfolds. In recognition of this development, the need for a full time professional manager is predictable in the not too distant future.

Funds from the Government grant and sponsorship continue to be the major sources of income. Cayman Islands anticipated acceptance as an Associate member of the International Cricket Council provides an additional source. New venture will require close scrutiny to ensure that the scale of these ventures is in keeping with our financial resources.


The Jimmy Powell Oval facility being developed by Government will include – pavilion, sightscreens, scoreboard and practice area. This much needed facility will afford the Association the opportunity of advertising locally and abroad as this facility will be of international standards.

Our continued use of the Smith Road Oval depends on the good will of the Civil Aviation authorities. Regardless of the facilities develop and more is anticipated over the next three years, Smith Road Oval has history attached to it and remains the home of Cayman’s cricket. No effort must be spared to keep Smith Road Oval!


The future development of the game will be completely negated without adequate finance. There has bee a tremendous increase in the income and expenditure of the Association over the last four years (1996 – 1999).

We need to be careful however, that we do not enter into activities, which will lead to the weakening of our financial viability.


During the past five years, there was a period in which statements on the need to market cricket were frequently made.

While there is still work to be done, significant improvements were made. Media coverage has increased bringing the game into the living room and the community is more aware of the game becoming involved in support of the primary schools and district teams.

Development of the proper facilities would position the Cayman Islands in the market to attract international acceptance.


The structure of competitions continues to receive attention in the illusive search for an ideal situation.

In addition to the problem of scheduling of the competition, its importance is severely downgraded in the absence of a commensurate reward system. Some incentives should assist in motivating the players.

Similarly, the league and knockout competitions should be properly rewarded to encourage growth and development of clubs.

The importance of primary and secondary schools competitions must be kept in focus for the development of quality players and as a feeder for clubs.


Great strides have been made in coaching over the last four years. There are presently 15 Junior and 10 Grade coaches in the Cayman Islands. One of our junior coaches hold an English Cricket Board Level 1 certificate which qualifies him to coach anywhere in the world.

Already, there are plans to broaden the pool of expertise to ensure that there are sufficient personnel from the schools and the wider community. The national coaching committee has scheduled annual courses.

In an era where cricket is competing with other disciplines for the recruitment of young players, our coaches must be role models. The focus must now include training on problems associated with performance enhancing drugs and drug education in general. It will also be appropriate for coaches to receive some basic training in physiotherapy and sports medicine so that the immediate first aid requirements could be effectively dealt with.