Jamaica wins Challenge Trophy

There were no upsets on a day of finals. For the youngsters "Gunfight at OK Corral or Last train from Gun hill" means nothing but to us young at heart they were the battles to the finish. And so it was with Cayman versus Jamaica at the Smith Road Oval on Sunday. It was an enthralling match with many ebbs and flow as the young Cayman team reaching their first final attempted to capture the coveted Challenge Trophy. It was not to be as the Jamaican team continued their unbeaten run in 2011.

Batting first Cayman found the going tough as the Jamaican bowlers kept their line and length to perfection. Evergreen Steve Gordon 44n.o and Ramon Sealy 17 were the only Cayman batsmen up to the task. Keneek Beckford, Alessandro Morris and Anthony Higgins grab 2 wickets each for Jamaica. With Jamaica 4 wickets down for 42 runs and danger men Ainsley Hall, Ladel Farquharson and Garth Bryan back in the pavilion Cayman had every reason to believe it was their day. But Conroy Wright 50 and Dave Holness 31n.o combined good defense with some big hitting and rode their luck taking Jamaica to the title, Champions of the Challenge Trophy 2011.

World Stars defeated Guyana by 29 runs and took 3rd place.


World Stars defeated Guyana by 29 runs.

The Final

Cayman – 125 for 7

Steve Gordon 44n.o, Ramon Sealy 17

Keneek Beckford 2 for 17, Alessandro Morris 2 for 20, Anthony Higgins 2 for 21

Jamaica – 126 for 5

Conroy Wright 50, Dave Holness 31n.o

Marlon 2 for 11

Jamaica won by 5 wickets

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