Article 1 - Name
Article 2 – Objects
Article 3 – Membership
Article 4 – Management
Article 5 – Duties and Authority of the Executive Committee
Article 6 – Duties the Officers of the Executive Committee of the Association
Article 7 – Meetings
Article 8 – Procedure at the Annual, Special and General Meetings
Article 9 – Notice of Meeting
Article 10 – Quorum
Article 11 – Voting
Article 12 – Standing Committees
Article 13 – Vacancies
Article 14 – Association’s Year
Article 15 – Accounts
Article 16 – Audit
Article 17 – Regulations and By-Laws Governing Competitions
Article 18 – Validation of Business Transacted
Article 19 – Decisions of Association
Article 20 – Gender Definition
Article 21 – Amendments of Constitution and Rules

The organization shall be called the Cayman Islands Cricket Association, hereinafter referred to as the Association.

The objects of the Association shall be –

  • 2.01 - 2.01 Advance and improve cricket in the Cayman Islands by the organization, promotion and control of first class and other cricket competition.
  • 2.02 - 2.02 To promote, control regulate and supervise all cricket in the Cayman Islands organized under the auspices of the Association.
  • 2.03 - 2.03 To perform all such other acts as may seem to the Association to be necessary or conducive to the welfare of cricket in the Cayman Islands in particular the West Indies in general.

The membership of the Association shall be of three types: Ordinary, Honorary and Corporate.

  • 3.01 - Ordinary Membership
    Ordinary membership shall comprise the following:-
    • (i) President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer of the Executive Committee as defined in Article 4. (Hereinafter referred to as the Officers of the Executive Committee)
    • (ii) Two (2) members nominated by each club accepted by the Executive Committee to participate in the National League Club competitions of the Association for the following season.

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