• 11.1 - Annual, Special or General
    At least seven (7) days’ notice shall be given for any such meeting.
  • 11.2 - Executive
    Three (3) days’ notice shall be given for meetings of the Executive Committee.

  • 12.1 - At all meetings of the Club one third of the membership shall form a quorum.
  • 12.2 - At all meetings of the Management Committee three (3) members shall for a quorum of which one must be either the President or Vice President.

  • 13.1 - Each member present at any meeting of the Club shall be entitled to vote in accordance with Article 5.01.6.
  • 13.2 - At meetings of the Club the President shall have an original as well as a casting vote but at all meetings of the Executive Committee, the President shall have a casting vote only.
  • 13.3 - Save in the case of alterations and/or amendments to the Constitution for which expressed provision is made hereinafter, all decisions of the Club and its Executive Committee shall be by majority vote.

The accounts of the Club shall be made up at least once in every year the 31st July.

The Executive Committee shall have the power to take disciplinary action as it may deem fit against any member or player for an action the Club may deem prejudicial to the Club or Cricket.

The decisions of the Club and duly appointed committee on all matters within their authority shall be binding on all persons affected thereby.

The word “she” or such feminine term shall also be read as “he” or such masculine term.

Any member having any addition, alteration or amendments to propose to the Constitution of the Club must forward the same in writing to the Secretary at least one month prior to the meeting at which he proposes to move such addition, alteration or amendment.

The Secretary shall give due notice thereof to the members, which shall not be less than two (2) weeks before the date of the meeting.

No addition, alteration or amendment to the Constitution of the Club shall be made unless the same shall be proposed by a duly constituted meeting of the Club and carried by a vote of a least two-thirds of the members present and voting.

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