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Action Points

  • Development of Personnel – technically and administratively.
  • Management workshops.
  • Building a closer relationship between clubs and Association.
  • Constitutional Review.
  • District re-organisation.
  • Preparation of Policy guidelines on selection.


  • Generation of funds to meet recurrent expenditure.
  • Obtaining of sponsorship for cricket competitions and national teams.
  • Joint fundraising projects between clubs and Association.
  • Submission of Audited Financial Reports at the appropriate time to Government.
  • Corporate sponsorship.
  • Development of facilities – pavilions, scoreboards, sight screens and practice areas at the various venues.
  • Pitches at primary schools.
  • Home for cricket – library, audio/video room and seminar room in George Town.
  • Establish a quality-coaching programme to support competitively organized cricket.
  • Training of coaches from clubs, schools and communities at Grade and Junior levels.
  • Preparing coaches for West Indies Cricket Board courses at Senior and Advance levels.
  • Development of a Coaching Manual – Levels 1-2-3.
  • Utilisation of coaching aids – bowling machine, video camera, computer programmes.
  • To be included in regional and international competitions at junior and senior levels.
  • To re-examine from time to time the effectiveness of the structure of local cricket.
  • To achieve success in regional and international competitions run by the West Indies Cricket Board and International Cricket Council.
  • Development of strategies with Ministry of Tourism re-Sports Tourism.
  • Encouraging active involvement in cricket by families, communities and Government through competitions, earth day activities, community-clean up programs.
  • Special media briefings as appropriate.
  • Identification of person for communication of results of local matches to the media.
  • Improvement in relations with sponsors.
  • Production of Association cricket booklet annually.
  • Increase in corporate membership.
  • Upgrading standard of officiating through training courses, seminars and overseas practical.