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About Us


This is the first ten-year (1999-2008) Strategic Plan as recommend by the Ministry of Community Affairs, Sports, Women, Youth and Culture and follows the five-year plan (1993-1997), which was extended to include 1998.

There have been some important achievements during the past six years.

No organization can maximize its progress unless it makes projections in to the future and takes the necessary action to ensure its well-being. In recognition of this principle a Five-Year Strategic Plan was prepared in 1993. This was the first attempt by the Association to get into structured planning on a short to medium term basis. By its very nature, strategic plans are not static and must therefore be reviewed from time to time, in consideration of changes, which occur in a dynamic environment.

The concept of planning now moves to another phase, not only in consideration of the dynamic environment, but also in consideration of the very concept of planning itself. As a social organization, our motives may be different to business organizations but the planning process is no less critical to the future of our players, communities and ultimately our country. Our plans therefore must be with the fore sight for growth and profitability, as a new casino would.

The Association’s organizational structure is now better understood and continues to grow. No one must underestimate the importance of the various units. It is these units on which the Association must rely on to continue. Changes are inevitable, but such changes must be done in an orderly fashion. Good interpersonal relationship is critical to the effective function of all organizations. It must not be lost on ours. This is equally so for administration and players alike. In the production of this ten-year strategic plan, we are attempting to set realistic and achievable goals. In anticipation of a changing environment, it would be necessary to revisit our plans periodically. This requires a recommitment to the ideals of the Association as we move ahead.


The Cayman Islands Cricket Association will promote the sport of cricket throughout the country and function in a professional manner befitting a National Organization.